Posada Woodcrafts

You may ask how a Colombian came to be a master wood carver in Florida over 35 years ago. Well, this is my story: I came to this country, New York to be exact, in pursuit of continuing my education in medicine. However, the need to work led me to a frame factory where my passion for wood work was awakened and cultivated, and a new life of furniture design and sculpture began.
Years later, I relocated to Florida with my wife further pursuing the American dream. I started my own business as a master sculptor and fine furniture maker, and we raised our two daughters. I now live in Georgia and serve all of North America.

Posada Woodcrafts

1721  Newton Road

Marietta, GA 30066

Telephone: 678-232-6063

During my career, I have mostly worked with churches, interior decorators, builders, private residences, and museums. I have over 500 original custom designed sketches ranging in style from the most classical to the most modern; from an electric guitar and interior of a limousine to front doors and entertainment centers.
Most people ask when I am going to retire; they tell me that I need to slow down. I can't. To stop doing what I love to do would mean to stop living. There is a little bit of soul that goes into every piece I make, and seeing my customers' satisfaction when the finished product is delivered is more joy than I could ever have imagined a lifelong career of woodwork to bring.

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About the Artist - Jorge Posada